Astrophotography Tutoring
Astrophotography Tutoring

We've all seen DVD's, read books, and gone to conferences in-person, but if you're anything like me, you prefer to be shown how to do things in person.

I'm offering tutoring that is dedicated to any level of astro-imager who wants to accelerate their learning curve, through hardware and camera setup, image acquisition, initial processing, and image finalization in Photoshop.  The format would be a dedicated evening, say 2-3 hours.  By using remote access facilities, we would collaborate on one system, either yours or mine.

Topics could include:

  • Initial image processing with CCDStack, MaxIM
  • Deconvolution and DDP
  • Other tools like Registar, Tria, FocusMagic
  • The myriad possible techniques in Adobe Photoshop; Data optimization, advanced selections and layers, sharpening (Smart Sharpen, Unsharp Masking, "True" Unsharp Masking, Multi-layer High Pass Sharpening), Color balancing and adjustments, gradient control, and mosaics
  • Image acquisition and guiding techniques with MaxIM or CCDSoft
  • Automation approaches with CCDCommander or CCDAP
  • Mount alignment with T-Point or PoleAlignMax
  • Use of FocusMax

Individual bookings are $25/hour.  Blocks of 5 hours or more may be purchased for $100, or $20/hour.  If you have any interest, just drop me a note at neilfleming at hotmail dot com.

Actual Before and After Tutorial Examples:
M51, before and after

This shot of M51 was processed along with an entry-level student, the results of which you see here.  The processing included:
 - Improved channel registration and color combine
 - Color enhancement
 - Zonal noise control
 - Additional color enhancements
 - Blind deconvolution
 - Core adjustment
 - Faint areas enhancement
 - Advanced contrast adjustments

This example illustrates combining Ha data with RGB data:
 - Improved channel registration and color combine
 - Advanced gradient control
 - Ha-RGB channel combines
 - Color adjustments
 - Contrast enhancements
 - Polka dot elimination
 - Zonal noise control
 - Star color enhancement
 - Edge contrast sharpening
 - Deconvolution

This example was processed along with an advanced user.  The improvements along the way included:
 - Gradient control
 - Adjustment layers for color balancing
 - Zonal noise control
 - Core and faint zone enhancements
 - Color enhancements
 - Star color enhancements
 - Multiple layer edge contrasting and sharpening
 - Color noise reduction
 - Fractal-based sharpening

Melotte15 in 3D Ha
Here is a 3D image of Melotte 15, part of the central area of IC1805.  Use the "cross-eyed" approach to view this in 3D.
Here is an image of the Silver Dollar Galaxy, NGC253.  The full reprocess included:
 - Channel data optimization, DDP, deconvolution
 - Gradient control
 - Core and faint zone enhancements
 - Zonal noise control
 - Color enhancements
 - Multiple layer edge contrasting and sharpening
 - Color noise reduction
 - Various sharpening techniques