Tips & Tricks

Astro Processing/Imaging Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the tips and tricks that I have learned to date for the collection and processing of astro images:
1) Star Bloat Reduction in Adobe Photoshop
Star Trail Removal in Adobe Photoshop
3) Advanced Gradient Removal in Adobe Photoshop
4) Dealing with
LRGB Color Shifts as you do the LRGB combine
5) Measuring the
distance of things causing dirt circles or halos in your images
6) How to
control background color noise in Photoshop
7) A brief FocusMax Tutorial, a.k.a. what are these V-Curves all about?
8) ICC Color profiling for our jpgs!

Astro Presentations
NEAIC 2012

NEAIC 2012 Presentation

This presentation was given at NEAIC on April 27, 2011, and covers various approaches to handling colors with narrowband and RGB color.

NEAIC 2011 Presentation
NEAIC 2011 Presentation

This presentation was given on April 15, 2011, and covers topics including CCDStack, eXcalibrator, as well as Photoshop processing for narrowband images.

Mid-West Astro-Imaging Conference Presentations
This conference was held in Chicago June 20-21 2008, and was sponsored by Sky Insight Magazine.  I gave three presentations at this conference:

CCDStack Presentation
An overview of the features and workings of this popular image processing program.

Photoshop Magic
For the mid to experienced Adobe Photoshop user, this highlighted some important approaches that you can use to improve the results you're getting.

Narrowband Processing Workflow
This was a soup-to-nuts run through of how to process a narrowband image.  Starting with the workflow in CCDStack, right through to the end in Photoshop.

NEAIC 2008 Presentation

NEAIC 2008 Presentation

"Narrowband Imaging - Great Results from Poor Locales".  Given April 25, 2008 at the NEAIC/NEAF conference in Suffern, NY.  This presentation discusses the differences between RGB and narrowband imaging, and then goes on to illustrate detailed steps in CCDStack, then Photoshop.

** Warning, this is a very large (~115Mb) file!

AIC 2007 Presentation

AIC 2007 Presentation

The "Things That Make a Difference".  This presentation, given Novermber 2007, highlights the 'soup-to-nuts' workflow that I often use, with a focus on some of the pragmatic things that I do to keep the quality of the photos I produce as high as possible.

** Warning, this is a large (~87Mb) file!

ATMoB Presentation
Overview to Imaging From Our Pristine Boston Skies (Not!)

Presentation made to the Amature Telescope Makers of Boston (ATMoB) club on September 13, 2007.

** Warning, this is a large (~65Mb) file!